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The Papers on Engineering Education Repository is a site focused on furthering Engineering Education by supporting ASEE members research and publication needs and being a good custodian of scholarly works.

Corrections or Updates

Every document and author page has a button to submit correction requests. If you see something that needs correction please use the link on the page to submit a request. You will receive an email with a copy of your request and a response when it is addressed.

Permanent URLs

Each document, author, and collection listed in PEER has a permanent URL. Look for the "Permalink" link or "Permanent URL" field on each page.


ASEE PEER supports the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) format. The service endpoint is located at

Citation Formats

Several citation formats are available for each document. Please contact us with any suggestions for additional formats or updates to exisisting citation exports.

ORCID Identifier

ASEE PEER can search authors by ORCID identifiers and note their identification when viewing the author's list of papers in PEER. There is currently no support for automatically adding deposited works with ORCID.

Download Counts

Some documents may have a download count listed on the page. The count for each paper was reset to 0 in May 2015.

Document Relevance Score

When searching each result is assigned a score. The display is an indication of how much a particular document matched the search query. Some fields are weighted more than others, matches on title or author name for example will contribute more to the rank than matches in the document contents.